Building portrait for Lise Meitner

So for the last seven years while working in tech I had been creating small paintings, 5″ x 5″ to 16″ x 20″. Coding is hard work. I was learning, thinking, and using syntax 14 hours a day. Some where in that mind alteration I was able to painting one hour a day and 6 hours on the weekends.

The images below show the stage by stage evolution of one painting. This 48″ x 48″ size oil painting is the second largest scale oil I have painted in the last 10 years. Let’s watch its progress because I have no idea how it will be painted or how it will turn out.

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Stage 1: Gridding out some times I wonder why I do this, I just paint it out.
Stage 2:
Stage: 3
Stage: 4
Stage: 5
Stage 6:
Stage 7:
Stage 8:
Stage 9:
Stage 9:
Stage 10
Stage 11:
Stage 12: The title of this work is starting form around Portrait for Lise Meitner. ” Elise Meitner was a leading Austrian-Swedish physicist who was one of those responsible for the discovery of the element protactinium and nuclear fission. While working at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute on radioactivity, she discovered the radioactive isotope protactinium-231 in 1917. ” Wikipedia.
Stage 13:
Stage 13 Detail: A
Stage 13 Detail: B
stage 14: Sanding out the painting was a usual step at this point. I decided to change this process for health reasons. The dust from the painting can be quite hazardous so I started experimenting with other methods to get a similar effect.

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Stage 15:
Stage 16:
Stage 16:
Stage 17:
Stage 18:
Stage 19:
Stage 20:

Stage 21: Today I added some strange boot around the alpha particle…Hummm. I can start to see a conclusion. It’s funny because this painting came up fast, usually I don’t trust a painting that resolves itself too quickly. However, the size of this work is exciting in enables me to almost live inside the piece.

Stage 22:
Stage 23:
Stage 25:
Stage 26:
Version 2 of Stage 26: I played a little with the contract to get closer to the actual color. Most of these photos are a touch over exposed. Here I am a tad over saturated in the photo but I am no photoshop genus. I think between the 2 you can get an idea for what the painting looks like.
Stage 27: Yes I did mess with the color saturation. I am trying to give you a feel for where I am going.
Stage 29: No doctoring you can see the hot spots. 🙁
Stage 30:
Stage 42: I think we have arrived at the final image. Right now the painting is drying and facing the wall. This painting has taken around four months to complete. I will look at it again in a few weeks to see if it needs anymore refinement.

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